About us

Dogs have been providing love and reassurance to their owners for centuries. For as long as dogs have been domesticated, there has been evidence of their natural healing abilities over the physically and emotionally convalescent. The first therapeutic use of dogs can be traced back to ancient Greece, when dogs were employed to lick the wounds of injured human patients.

In the 1700s, Quakers brought dogs to some of the earliest treatment centers for the mentally unstable, allowing patients to raise and tend to pets in order to rebuild their social skills. Later in Europe, Florence Nightingale herself developed early theories on the use of animals in therapy, acknowledging their unique power to heal. Through World War II and into the modern era, the training and procurement of therapy dogs has been taken on with a more organized, formal approach.

Several studies have been carried out proving that interaction with dogs increases levels of neurotransmitters associated with happiness and bonding, while reducing chemicals associated with distress.

There is a huge demand for therapy dogs across the world. The only problem is that not many understand that it takes a certain trait in a particular dog.
The dog must be both trained and raised to be involved in therapy. We have attended many therapy sessions with our dogs and have had extensive research and training.
We are blessed to be mentored by a very well known European breeder of exquisite therapy and service dogs and she has trusted us with our crew. Our lines are exclusive to us. No other breeder in Canada has the working lines like we do.

We have been very lucky that our breeding lines were carefully chosen and we are very proud to bring to Canada these exquisite dogs.

We take pride in our dogs, in the docile genuinely loyal temperament and calm disposition. We have invested a lot of time, heart and money to be able to bring together a small but very well planned breeding program.

We are not a big kennel; in fact we are not a kennel at all. Our dogs are members of our family and live with us in the house. Never restrained from any part of the house and trained to be trusted around our children and farm creatures.
All our dogs are health tested and we believe in appropriate vaccination schedule which we always follow with our pups and adults.

We limit ourselves to 2-3 litters per year and we always have people on our waiting list that want to adopt one of our puppies. We are very selective to where our puppies go and prefer a family with or without children, where the puppy will be involved in daily activities and family fun.

If you have any questions regarding how one of our puppies may become a service dog for your loved one, please email us in detail and tell us your story. Perhaps we will be able to help you bring a therapy dog to your home and relieve stress of an autistic child or a child with mental and /or physical challenges.

We also have 2 miniature horses, chickens and geese on our farm and we train our pups from the very beginning to be a part of the family and have patience and tolerance to different animals, sounds and much more.

We invite you to take a look at our adult dogs and browse our puppy gallery for pictures of the pups that we have produced in the last 10 years.